Associates FAQs

What are the benefits of joining TSDesign Eu Ltd as Creative Associate?

Joining TSDesign Eu opens up freelance and contract opportunities as well as the possibility of working together on a variety of creative projects. TSDesign also offers a platform to showcase samples of your work to prospective clients in the fashion design industry.

Will my information be shared with clients?

No, your personal details will only be shared with clients once we have confirmed your interest and when you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the project.

Do I have to display my work on TSDesign Eu Ltd to join?

No, this is a service offered at your discretion; it is up to you if you wish to post samples of your work after joining TSDesign Eu. We do however encourage our Creative Associates to post their work as it maximises their work opportunities.

Can anyone join TSDesign Eu LTD?

No, whilst every application is carefully assessed we strive for the highest quality and an even spread of skill and geographic location of creative associates in our network. This maximises work opportunities for everyone.

When and how do I get paid?

Once a project has been completed and payment has been received from the client, TSDesign Eu Ltd will transfer full payment to our creative associates within 7 working days after receiving payment from the client.

How do I add a Post to display my work ?

Check out this YouTube video link

How do I upload an Image?

Check out this YouTube video link

How do I create an Image Gallery?

Watch this short  wordpressTV video on image galleries.

I do not have full Dashboard access?

Yes, that's right.  We have some areas that are restricted to Administration staff only. Nothing personal : )

Clients FAQs

Why should I select TSDesign Eu Ltd?

With our experience and joint expertise of our Creative Associates; we are able to appoint the right specialist to suite your requirements at any time! Our creative setup allows us to assist you in an instance with a creative solution perfectly fitted to your company’s needs!

What are your fees?

As a web based company we are highly price effective, as every client’s needs are different our price structure is calculated on project by project basis to give our customers the most competitive price. Please Contact us for further information.

Who will manage the project?

Management at TSDesign Eu oversee all projects and appoints the most suitable creative specialist suiting your particular criteria and skill set required.

Who will I communicate with during the project?

TSDesign Eu Ltd will always be your direct point of contact, and TSDesign Eu project leader will be assigned for each and every project ensuring smooth and consistent communication and support every step of the way towards completion of your project.

Can TSDesign Eu help me with recruitment?

Yes, TSDesign Eu offers a recruitment service where we with our experience and knowledge of our Creative Associates network would be able to help and find a perfect match for freelance or contract. Please Contact us for further information.