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Men’s knitwear AW12 product featured editorial photographs from clients.

TSDesign Eu & SOWA


SOWA 1st. Collection, Elegance in Motion 

SOWA is a new luxury sports fashion menswear brand designed and founded by TSDesign Eu LTD.  The philosophy of SOWA is simple: elegance, simplicity and purpose.

TSDesign Eu LTD

TSDesign Eu LTD was appointed to work with Atelier La Durance a small-scale independent High end French Heritage Denim brand from south west of France


TSDesign Eu LTD

Canterbury Nz North America SpringSummer season was inspired by a late 60s theme and two big screen icons Steve McQueen and Paul Newman.

  • Initial assortment plan
  • Concept
  • Design process
  • Graphics
  • Development,
  • Manufacturing links
  • Art direction, styling


TSDesign Eu LTD is proud to present SOWA