Denim! The original fabric first made in the city of Nimes, France on looms imported from Japan. Our denim experts are true blue-bloods. Passionate about every stitch, they count each one and finish the fabric with skill and perfection. Traditional cut, stretch denim, slim-fit—our designers can create your dream denim design.

Marta Denim Pocket

The identity of a denim Brand is often represented on back pocket, from classic brands to young street , fashion and luxury. Identifying this in each brand is essential and equally creating individual design by stitch and embroidery – I was able to create these unique designs, that reflect and represent the identity of the product which then reflects the company’s style.

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Denim”BORO” inspiration

Details and ideas handmade, customised for the clients.


TSDesign Eu @ WeSC

TSDesign Eu LTD

TSDesign Eu LTD was appointed to work with Atelier La Durance a small-scale independent High end French Heritage Denim brand from south west of France